Photo: Chris Parkinson, Beneath the Pines

Photo: Chris Parkinson, Beneath the Pines

Based in Chicago, IL, we are Andrew and Marianne, and we're in love (we even got married to prove it). The story of "who we are" is a long one, but here's the gist of it: We grew up in the same small suburb of Chicago; met when we were 12 (thank you middle school band); went to prom together when we were 17 (thank you R. Kelly); rekindled our romance on a boat in Brazil when we were 23 (nothing says "you're my better half" like the Amazon jungle); finally decided "hey, we're in love and always will be" and got engaged in France one year later; and on October 5, 2013, the story came full circle and we got hitched just a few miles from the town we grew up in.

Somewhere along the way, we both fell in love with taking pictures and making movies. Whether it was high school darkroom classes, college video projects where we were given the freedom to create just to create, or simply traveling all around this beautiful world of ours and wanting to take every waking second in, we were smitten.

We love giving a voice to good causes. Having worked in over 20 different countries for a number of international non-profits, churches, relief agencies, or other service-oriented organizations, we know the power of media to change lives and communities. The story of one person can stir the hearts of hundreds, if only their story is told. 

(Our partners have included: Facebook, International Justice Mission, World Relief, The Justice Conference, International Teams, Moody Bible Institute, Medical Ambassadors International, Forward Edge, and Urbana. Please contact us for a more detailed breakdown of services offered.)