Tom + Laura

Admit it: from the moment you are old enough to have a cognitive understanding of the passing world around you until you graduate college as a 20-something year old, there is one word that quickens the blood of every boy and girl in America:


And for lots of us growing up, along with three months of no school and the persistent smell of sunscreen came the pinnacle of the season: Summer Camp. Endless mornings of horseback riding, mildly supervised afternoons of archery or swimming, and evenings on the stoop of the snack shop filled with making eyes and giggling over young, summer camp love. Who hasn't had their heart broken at the end of a week you hoped would last a lifetime?

And then there's Tom and Laura. For them, the summer fling just never ended.

We had a fantastic time photographing these two at the place where they fell in love, YMCA Camp Pinewood in Twin Lake, Michigan, and look forward to their Chicago wedding later this year!