The Nicodems do the Pacific Northwest

Last fall we decided to run away from Chicago for a few months. Our lease was up on our apartment, our wedding season was drawing to a close, and the wanderlust was just getting too persistent to ignore. So in November we put our things in boxes, sold our car and anything that wouldn't fit in storage, grabbed our cameras and headed to our favorite place on this green earth: the Pacific Northwest. And it was life changing. It's so easy, living in the city and through the pell-mell dash known as "wedding season," to lose touch with yourself (I know, that sounds super "feely" but bear with me), and when you're married to your business partner, it's easy to lose touch with each other as well. And so we decided to get far enough away, for long enough, to look back at our life (and to look at each other) and just breathe.

It was glorious.

What we found was that 1) we love each other more than ever, and 2) we love what we do and are so excited to keep doing it, all the better. So here's to breathing, here's to running away to green spaces, here's to the crazy, lonesome beauty of the PNW, and here's to living a life we love. We hope you enjoy some of our photos from our time there, we'll be posting more of our journey in the next few months and getting back into blogging our weddings from 2016! It's been an incredible start back here in Chicago, and we can't wait to share it with you. Until then, soak in these beauties (and if you ever want somebody to talk your ear off about where to go/what to do in Oregon/Washington, we are all yours).