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Marianne is obsessed with Scrabble, speaks Portuguese, considers herself a master at making acai bowls and blender soups, loves using clean products, and has to shower every night before going to bed (her alone time).

Meal of choice: Grilled salmon
Drink of choice: St. George’s Botanivore Gin on a rock
Favorite city (other than Chicago): Mendocino, CA
Enneagram: #2



Andrew loves a simple wardrobe and playing piano, takes his sauna/steam/spa time very seriously, is a social butterfly, studied poetry in college, and would play soccer every day if time (and his body) afforded it.

Meal of choice: Spaghetti pie (mom’s recipe-ask us for it!)
Drink of choice: Old Raj Blue Label Martini with a twist
Favorite city (other than Chicago): Portland, OR
Enneagram: #4

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