Lead Photographer, Videographer, Photo Editor

Andrew loves a simple wardrobe and playing piano, takes his sauna/steam/spa time very seriously, is a social butterfly, studied poetry in college, and would play soccer every day if time (and his body) afforded it.

Meal of choice: Spaghetti pie (mom’s recipe-ask us for it!)
Drink of choice: Old Raj Blue Label Martini with a twist
Favorite USA city (other than Chicago): Portland, OR
Favorite international city: Lisbon, Portugal
Enneagram: #4


Photographer, Videographer, Video Editor, Studio Manager

Marianne feels best when hiking, speaks Portuguese, considers herself a master at making açai bowls and blender soups, loves using clean products, and has to shower every night before going to bed (her alone time).

Meal of choice: Grilled salmon
Drink of choice: St. George’s Botanivore Gin on a rock
Favorite USA city (other than Chicago): Mendocino, CA
Favorite international city: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Enneagram: # 2


Associate Photographer, Studio Assistant

Ian loves cycling, would rather ride his bike than drive, is up daily at 6am with his sweet daughter, Florence, and often copes with early mornings by drinking copious amounts of coffee (he used to be a barista!).

Meal of choice: Cheeseburger and fries
Drink of choice: Bell’s Oberon
Favorite USA city (other than Chicago): Breckenridge, CO
Favorite International City: Brussels, Belgium
Enneagram: #7

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