Sneak Peek: Bangladesh

I wish we could take you with us sometime. Really, I do. Because I think that traveling to the heart of the "other," to places that grab us by our roots and pull us up, shaking the dirt off of what we've held as preconceived notions and letting us breathe in a little "broadening of experience," is what a lot of us need, quite regularly. 

This last November we had the honor of filming in Bangladesh for roughly a week, hearing the life stories of those who have chosen to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ in a country where Islam is the state religion. It is not a safe decision, but for them, it means everything. Rarely have either of us ever felt such a sense of joy in the people whose lives we were documenting, and as we work (now back at home in Chicago) to finish the video we are both humbled and grateful to be a part of telling the story.

And so, since we couldn't take you with us (and due to the sensitive nature of the work, we won't be able to post the finished video), this is our best attempt at bringing you along anyways: some of our favorite footage from our time in Bangladesh. Enjoy!